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Practice Areas

Arms in handcuffs with a white background

Criminal Defense

Don't allow criminal charges to ruin your future. Work with us to fight to protect your rights and seek a favorable result.

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Federal courthouse

Federal Crimes

If you're facing criminal charges in Montana for federal offenses, don't wait. You need to reach out to dedicated counsel.

Police car sitting in traffic with it's lights on


Being accused of a serious crime can wreak havoc on your future opportunities. Don't let this happen. Contact us to start pursuing justice.

Glass with liquid and ice sitting on a table


A DUI / DWI charge can be serious. Get in touch with our team to strive for a favorable result and put this moment behind you.

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Cars with their headlights on in traffic

Traffic Tickets & Warrants

Work with a traffic ticket attorney who will listen to your story, craft a strategy suited to your needs, and advocate for you when you need it.

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Older man helping a kid wash her hands at a kitchen sink

Family Law

Whether you are seeking guidance through the divorce process, needing help with a parenting plan, or any other family issue, we'll be there.

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Doctor putting a splint on a girl's arm

Personal Injury

After an injury, you need to seek fair compensation for your pain and suffering. Allow us to advocate for you.

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Man filling out a contract

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies may seem friendly on the phone, but they don't care about your best interests. At Big Sky Justice, we care.

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Wrecked car

Car Accidents

Seeking financial compensation after a car wreck is an important step on your path to healing. Let us take the lead on fighting for you.

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People riding on motorcycles through a valley

Truck & Motorcycle Accidents

Recovering from a truck or motorcycle accident can increase your financial and emotional burden. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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Large tree in the middle of a cemetery

Wrongful Death

After a tragedy, it's important to focus on your healing. We'll fight for what you are owed and what you need to regain peace of mind.

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