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Family Law Attorney in Great Falls, Montana

Settle Family Matters Quickly and Cordially

Work with a Family Law Attorney in Great Falls, MT

Facing a legal challenge is never easy, especially when it involves your family. To help you settle your legal issues without delay, turn to a family law attorney from Big Sky Justice, P.C. We provide a wide range of services, including divorce law services, in the Great Falls, MT area. You can trust our legal team to be here for you and your family at every turn.

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Helping You Move Forward

What Can Big Sky Justice, P.C. Do for Your Family?

A happy woman and child holding each other on a beachEvery day, residents throughout the Great Falls, MT area trust Big Sky Justice, P.C. to take on their legal challenges and help their families move forward. In addition to guiding you through the divorce process, our family law attorneys can help you:

  • Create parenting plans that work for you and your former spouse

  • Set up a guardianship for a minor

  • Work with Child Protective Services to get your child back

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